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Brussels Asks Bulgarian Institutions about the House in Barcelona, ​​the Audio Recordings and Freedom of Speech

The group in the European Parliament, which is part of the Committee on Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE), asks whether Bulgarian Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev is working on the information published in the Spanish media to investigate a money laundering scheme in Barcelona, which is alleged to be related to Prime Minister Boyko Borissov. The Commission held a closed meeting on the situation in Bulgaria at the end of August in the absence of representatives of the Bulgarian authorities.


Twenty nine questions have been published on the Website of the European Parliament to the Bulgarian Government, the Deputy Prime Minister, the Chief Prosecutor and the Deputy Justice Minister. One of the questions refers to the stage the investigation into the house in Barcelona has reached, ​​given that there were signals for this case as early as 2019. MEPs are also asking about the leaked audio recordings, which are suspected to belong to Prime Minister Borissov and in which there are threats to "burn" MEP Elena Yoncheva.


"What specific measures has the prosecutor's office taken in the fight against corruption, have politicians been investigated, have charges been brought against them and from which party are the majority of them - the ruling party or the opposition?" –these were another questions addressed to the deputy Chief prosecutor Krassimira Filipova.


MEPs are also interested in the proposed changes to the Constitution in the context of the protests, as well as the concentration of media ownership.

"Bulgaria ranks 111th in Media Freedom Index,  threats against journalists have been reported. What will the government do to increase transparency of media ownership, promote pluralism in this regard and ensure the safety of journalists", the monitoring group asks.

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