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Bozhkov wins case against Gambling Commission: “Eurofootball” license revoked illegally

The accused businessman Vasil Bozhkov bragged on Facebook that he had succeeded in convicting the State Gambling Commission for the revoked license of “Eurofootball”.


The gambling boss published the Sofia Administrative Court decision on July 1st. It reveals that the court has annulled the decision of the Gambling Commission to revoke the company's license. In addition, the state commission must pay the applicant the case costs of BGN 50 costs.


The reason for the judgment is the Commission's procedure deficiencies. According to the court, the Gambling Commission was not entitled to revoke the company's license due to unpaid debts, as “Eurofootball” contests the act on fees and interests due and the receivables have not been definitively established by an administrative act that has entered into force. What’s more, the gambling commission itself offered “Eurofootball” to provide collateral for the disputed debts and the company did so but its license was still revoked.


The contested decision was issued upon significant violations of the administrative procedure rules and in contradiction with the substantive law, the Sofia Administrative Court points out.


"The junta ruined a quarter of a century Bulgarian company. Thousands of EUROFOOTBALL employees and partners lost their jobs and incomes. Vladislav Ivanov Goranov and his direct subordinates SGC and NRA are mainly responsible for this.


The court decision showed that the revocation of “Eurofootball” license is a completely illegal act and once again exposed the methods of state robbery.


# Be Brave" Bozhkov wrote as a comment on the photos of the court decision.


“Eurofootball” sports betting outlets were closed after the Gambling Commission imposed a BGN 328.9m act on the company on February 14th, this year. On March 25, the company's license was revoked for 3 months due to large unpaid liabilities for the period December 18, 2014 - December 31, 2019 in the amount of over BGN 261.1 million in state fees, plus over BGN 67.7 million in interests.

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