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Bozhkov to Goranov: I Owe No Taxes or Fees to the Treasury, Not a Single Penny

Businessman Vasil Bozhkov claims that neither he nor his gambling companies owe a penny of unpaid taxes and fees to the state treasury.


In another publication Bozhkov responded to the Ministry of Finance statement and Minister Vladislav Goranov’s  position that he was in debt to the treasury of BGN 700 million. 


According to the gambling boss, against whom 11 charges have been filed, "someone" does not distinguish between taxes and fees.


"Only people with an insufficient legal and/or financial culture cannot distinguish between the two concepts. Gambling is not taxed and therefore taxes have nothing to do with it! We’ve been talking about fees all the time. Fees are determined by the relevant administrative body - in this case by the State Gambling Commission (SGC). Fees (unlike taxes!) feature pecuniary interest and are paid AGAINST the provision of certain services by the SCG itself. This is unequivocally stated in the law. In this regard, anyone who speaks of hypothetical, unpaid hundreds of millions in taxes is either illiterate or malicious, or both. Logically, the following question arises, if no fees have been paid, why has the SCG provided a service for which it has not been paid for five years?", Bozhkov commented on a Facebook page that is supposed to be supported by Nove Holding.


The correspondence claimed to be between him and Vladislav Goranov was published on the same page. 


"The Gambling Act provides for the right of the SCG to fine anyone who fails to pay fees. The term is 6 months from the submission of the monthly declaration provided by law. Reference - Art.34, p.2, proposal one of the Law on Administrative Violations and Penalties: "No administrative penal proceedings shall be instituted unless an act establishing the infringement has been drawn up within six months after the infringer has been identified.” No one has the right to claim unpaid fees for more than 6 months. And one more thing - how can’t you find the violator as, by law, he submits monthly declarations? ", Vasil Bozhkov develops his position.



It emphasizes that the SCG is the body that is obliged not only to establish whether the fees have been paid, but also whether they have been paid correctly and in the exact amount. In this case, the SCG explicitly and repeatedly (more than 60 times) approved the paid fees, and this was also established by multiple audits performed by the SCG. "In each report there is a justification of the fees paid and an interpretation of the law used.  60  in number.  Signed by three different chairmen of the SCG. But the Minister of Finance is the same, "Bozhkov added.


He also emphasized that both the budgets of the SCG approved by the Minister of Finance and the reports and their implementation adopted by the Minister of Finance were prepared and approved on the basis of the amount of the fees paid.


"I draw your attention to the fact that these budgets and the reports on their implementation are an integral part of the state budget and are adopted by the National Assembly. The most important fact that I personally, and the companies I am a shareholder in, do not owe a penny of unpaid taxes and fees to the state treasury. More than BGN 500 million have  been paid, however, "Bozhkov concludes.


Earlier, the Ministry of Finance issued a position saying the Minister of Finance would not make statements on the allegations and public statements of Vasil Bozhkov.


"In connection with the intensified  media interest caused by Vasil Bozhkov’s suggestions circulated today, the Ministry of Finance recalls that Minister Goranov at a briefing in the National Assembly last Friday, May 8, commented on and expressed his position of Bozhkov's allegations ". This is stated in the Ministry of Finance position emphasizing that the person in question has debts of BGN 700 million to the state treasury.


Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev said he expected the finance minister to say whether the SMSs from his communication with a person named "Vladi Goranov" published by businessman Vasil Bozhkov were genuine. According to Donchev, the excerpts from the dialogues confirm what the Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov had said earlier, that the two had seen each other.



"I am convinced that my colleague Goranov would soon comment on the authenticity of the correspondence. You make me take on the role of an analyst, which is uncharacteristic of me. The screenshots confirm what my colleague Goranov had acknowledged a week before, that he had seen Mr. Bozhkov and probably in order to agree on a meeting they had exchanged messages, the Deputy Prime Minister said at a briefing in the Council of Ministers.

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