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Boyko Rashkov: Borissov and His Partners Hold Power Legally but Not Morally

The Special Investigative Means Control Bureau employs a forester, a wrestler and a psychologist

A prosecutor's office that succumbs to political pressure and tries to please the authorities makes the institution look like a maid. If an analogy is made with Todor Zhivkov’ regime, we will see a similar story - the prosecutor's office served the communist government, and then quickly turned against its masters. Now Mr. Borissov probably thinks he is invulnerable for such a fate.


Rashkov also said in the interview:

In any normal country, after the authenticity of such records has been proved, the prime minister must step down. And then be investigated. Doubts that the recordings and photos of Borisov were authentic remained. The fact that the Prosecutor General is not equally distant from the institutions but fancies himself as part of the political power is a very serious obstacle to this investigation.


There is hardly a reasonable person who expects an investigation with an objective result and unhidden truth, given the relationship between the Prime Minister and the Prosecutor General


Why didn't the prosecutor's office announce it would immediately start an investigation into whether there were any such banknotes in the Prime Minister's nightstand - their serial numbers can be read on the banknotes. Were there 2 million euros in this nightstand alone? What about the others and the wardrobe?


If there is 2 million euros in one of PM’s lockers, then what prevents him from buying his girlfriend a house in Barcelona for 5 million? I know in advance how the prosecution's investigation will end.


This is the complete demoralization of government. Borissov and his partners are in power legally, but not morally.


The main opposition force is torn by internal conflicts related to the desire of part of it for a coalition with GERB - what to expect from such an opposition? Borissov doesn’t bother to show up in parliament and called National Assembly chairwoman "a dumb Kardzhali secrecy”. He crushed parliamentarism.


Bulgarian citizens have been traded by a political party that is currently in power, all in Europe know that.

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