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Boyko Borisov Proved Difficult to Replace From the Top of Corrupt Administration

"Recent events have shown that the people are powerless against their own state before and after elections. Long-term tensions have accumulated between the state and the people. The reasons lie in deeply wrong state decisions with costly consequences for all, non-transparency of decision-making, arrogance of the state power, indifference to the people and irresponsibility to the results, lawlessness and widespread corruption. This was commented to BNR by Prof. Svetoslav Stavrev, a lecturer in public administration. According to him, "the kitchen where the dishes are currently being cooked is run by the team of the richest businessmen in Bulgaria."



"Boyko Borissov turned out to be a difficult replacement on the top of the corrupt administration which is the inclusive mechanism of the real power, hidden from the eyes of the people. An interim option is now being sought to blow off the tension. Nobody intends to change the government, many billions are coming from Europe. "Those who have spent them so far will not allow others to do the same," he said.


Prof. Stavrev added that the new cabinet will be made by the same chefs who are currently in power. Prof. Stavrev added that "nothing can be expected from camouflage parties. The current ones are hopeless. "It is possible that a new election may create another force structure in the future parliament where a reality-changing majority could be sought but I do not believe in that," he added.



In Prof. Stavrev’s words, Bulgaria is not developing, it is disappearing: "I do not trust these flows of returning nationally responsible Bulgarians who have realized that Bulgaria is more important than anything else. I don't know any such people," he said.

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