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Borissov Will Try to Switch from an Emergency Situation to an Election Campaign, Parvan Simeonov States

"It turns out that Bulgarians are one of the most dubious peoples as for the coronavirus situation. We are most inclined, among dozens of other countries, to say that there is something rotten here, a kind of a plan, conspiracy and exaggeration." This was said to BNR by Parvan Simeonov, executive director of Gallup International, referring to data from international studies. According to him, the social pain cannot be fully felt yet, but it will become apparent in the autumn.


"Option one - a deep social crisis, serious unemployment and a rise of new political actors.


Option two - Borissov uses the impetus of the state of emergency, which gave credibility to the government, benefits from the summer as a calmer period and starts telling pre-election stories, i.e. we are entering an advertising break", Simeonov listed the possible options for the development of the situation. In his words, the prime minister will try to go from an emergency situation to a pre-election one.


The analyst pointed out that everything depends on how deep the social crisis will be, concerning the forthcoming elections. "If the social crisis is not so serious as the health crisis has appeared to be for now - the government will be able to take advantage of the bonus society has given to it," he said.


Simeonov also commented that the governing style in the country is currently radiating a serious amount of chaos.


He analyzed the prospect of cabinet shifts. "Logic one - Borisov is afraid of the coming autumn and decides to make quick elections while neither Maya Manolova, nor Slavi Trifonov, nor even Tsvetan Tsvetanov are ready, and Boyko Borisov pushes to share the responsibility, because the MRF is always calling for some formations of national salvation, etc. Many people are getting captivated with this logic, simply forgetting there will be a caretaker office of President Rumen Radev ", explained the political scientist. And he continued:


"Logic two - Borissov is not a man of plans, he is a man of survival, so it seems to me that this time he will try to serve his term, because he thinks about his place in history, and it should be written there that there is at least one term served to the end. Borissov is not as scared now as he was during the protests in 2013.


In this biggest crisis,  Borissov has rushed to introduce the euro. It seems to me he is trying to hold on for now, but the autumn will clearly show what is ahead", summed up Parvan Simeonov.

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