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Borissov Behaves Like a Kidnapper, the Stockholm Syndrome Is in Action

Mrs. Dareva, do you believe sociologists?


- Every Bulgarian citizen will answer this question: no, I don’t! Most sociological agencies are dependent.


But when elections come, the results are often close to preliminary measurements.


- Partly yes. If we talk about emerging research, no matter how doubtful we are about sale-purchase, they reflect a reality - the BSP is 12 percent, with a huge difference behind GERB. It is clear without sociological research that during the corona crisis the party could not find its place, it did not ask its questions, it missed all opportunities.  An example. On 13 March, the Parliament voted on the state of emergency, the BSP supported it. Under the BG constitution, a state of emergency can only be imposed by law. No one of the red MPs asked where your law is! It did not occur to anyone that there was a law on disasters and more than a 200-page plan for action in pandemics. At the same time, the parliament signed a blank check for the government. The decline of the BSP began at that very point.


There was another very  symptomatic  voting in the parliament recently - the election of Tsatsarov as head of the Commission for Counteraction to Corruption and Confiscation of Illegally Acquired Property (CCCCIAP). Then half of the BSP parliamentary group voted in favor, given that there was a preliminary position for neutrality. This revealed some personal dependencies.


- In the same way the BSP did not have a definite position in the election of Geshev as chief prosecutor. There were only a few of us – those writing analyzes in the media – who opposed to it.


An opposition dreamt of by the authorities would react exactly like that.


- A cherished opposition is the one that speaks loudly and says nothing.  Which is not really fighting for change.


I am quoting your findings, stated two months ago: "Under this leadership, the BSP demonstrates complete intellectual, organizational and political weakness, blatant political illiteracy, a total decline in the membership - from 120 to 80 thousand."


- In my opinion, 80 thousand is an optimistic number.


On the other hand, the intra-party opposition itself is also divided into clans.


- The concept of internal party opposition is not accurate, because we are talking about many different people who have a critical attitude towards this leadership, some of them do not talk to each other. For me, the BSP is currently undergoing de-intellectualization and de-ideologization in a very severe form.


So sociology is going in the right direction?


- No, because it presents equal ratings of the Prime Minister and the President. This is not real for me. In the last two months we have seen an incessant PR of Boyko Borissov. As Daniel Valchev said, there was no tractor left that the PM took pictures with.


However, the president hit back.


- On the one hand, Borisov and the Headquarters constantly plunged us into hysteria, speaking about hearses, corpses, refrigerators and sacks. At the same time, the president was thinking realistically - economic measures are paramount.


Radev called for analysis but people expected solutions, quick solutions.


- That’s none of Radev's business. Well, Borissov did not stop the war against him - by all possible dirty tricks. During this period, the executive branch was out of control and the judiciary did not function.

Interestingly, in the end, everything the president proposed was fulfilled by the government.  One more thing - the case of March 3 and Shipka peak.

On the previous day - March 2, the regional governor of Stara Zagora issued an order that citizens could go to Shipka, but the formal celebration was prohibited. So people can go, but they can't celebrate. And the cause was an influenza B epidemic, it was not the coronavirus. At the same time, there were three official celebrations in Sofia, and in the country - according to the "census" of Focus News Agency - a total of ... 15 computer pages.


Based on this fact, the sociological result should have been the opposite, but it is not.


- GERB’s propaganda and all its adjoining turkeys, napkins, nymphs and madams - they are not interested in facts. It is important for them to serve their boss.


A global trend in this situation is for rescue leaders to be winning in the rankings


- The societies were hysterical. I saw intelligent people paranoid. All this is Stockholm syndrome. The state of emergency suits authorities everywhere,  it is prosperity for any government. The government's measures were correct at first, but the hostages began to fancy the kidnapper. And Borissov was behaving like a kidnapper.


How long do you think can the Stockholm Syndrome last?


"Not for long." Don't envy yourself for your coronavirus rating, Borisov, because you will be quarantined.


Self-triggering of early elections in this situation can have another, well-known effect.


Nobody wants them. Borissov played his self-advertising role brilliantly, but he has no interest in early elections - Radev will appoint the interim cabinet, and GERB is horrified by such a prospect. The BSP is also failing. In two months, Bulgaria returned to its hysterical appearance and the dissent of the early 1990s. As for the church - manipulated children appeared who said in "some" media that they would report their parents to the authorities if they went to church on Easter.


Our political life is becoming a permanent situation. In this situation, is a meaningful, constructive political alternative possible? Or rather, the current situation will be perpetuated through the convenient opposition?


- If it is immortalized, the Stockholm syndrome will deepen. The country's economy is broken, and so far no one has offered a working model.


According to those who know, every working national vision must contain a model for accelerated and catching-up development and not the over-praised rate of 3 percent, which will leave us at the bottom of the EU for a long time.


- Undoubtedly. But from now on, all economic and social problems will be justified by the coronavirus. The important global consequence is that the whole neoliberal model has finally collapsed.


Does this mean that the world will sway to Asian dictatorial political standards?


"These temptations will be great." The world has been in a political laboratory for two months. And we have seen how easily the virus of authoritarianism has been taking over spaces. Some European countries have already been in a dictatorship. Where, for example, is Orban's Hungary? What is more interesting is that the right has spoken the language of the left all over the world, social problems are being raised.


We live in a time of severe crisis of political leadership. Is there a future for Plato's phrase that the most important quality of a leader is the unwillingness to be a leader?


No, there isn’t, not in BG.

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