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Borisov Talks with US Deputy Secretary of State Keith Krak about 5G and F-16s

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and Deputy Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy Security and Environmental Protection of the US State Department Keith Krak welcomed the increasingly dynamic political dialogue between Bulgaria and the United States as a result of the strategic partnership, the government press service reported.

Borisov and Krak held a meeting as part of the visit of the American Deputy Secretary of State to Bulgaria. This is the third conversation between the two statesmen this year, which is another expression of the increased cooperation between Bulgaria and the United States after Prime Minister Boyko Borisov's visit to Washington in November 2019.

The focus of the meeting was priority issues of the strategic partnership, such as deepening trade and economic cooperation and strengthening bilateral relations in the field of security of fifth generation wireless communications networks (5G).

The Bulgarian Prime Minister and the US Deputy Secretary of State have united around the position that 5G will become the connectivity infrastructure that will be key one for all sectors of society such as e-Health, smart energy networks, transport and mobility. 5G networks are the future backbone of our increasingly digitized economies and societies, which was stressed in the course of the meeting. The European Union and the EU are therefore partnering in the field of 5G to ensure the infrastructure reliability and the supply chain.

Another focus of the conversation was the Security and Defense Partnership, which are among the key dimensions of bilateral relations. "The acquisition of F-16 Block 70 fighter jets is a step forward in the modernization of the Bulgarian Air Force," Borisov said. He was adamant that the modernization projects of the Air Force will also provide conditions for industrial cooperation, which will contribute to the long-term economic development of Bulgaria and to the competitiveness of our country.

"The USA is an important strategic partner of Bulgaria in the field of energy", the Prime Minister noted. In this context, in June 2020, the American side proposed the signing of a bilateral Memorandum on Strategic Cooperation in nuclear energy for civilian purposes. "Promoting this partnership is another key element in moving towards a low-carbon economy," he said.

During the meeting, a high assessment was given to the development of landmark documents in priority areas for Bulgaria and the United States, which are about to be signed.

On Thursday, the Prime Minister met with US Assistant Secretary of State for Political and Military Affairs Clarke Cooper. Borisov thanked him for the consistent support of the United States for the modernization of our armed forces, because "this makes our country even more secure, which also increases the capabilities of the United States".

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