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Borislav Ignatov: "Vision for Sofia" needs a financial framework

The Commission for Spatial Development, Architecture, Accessible Environment and Housing Policy in the Sofia Municipal Council considered the long-term part of "Vision for Sofia". This is a Sofia Municipality initiative to create a shared and long-term strategy for the development of Sofia and its suburbs until 2050. According to the municipal councilor from "Democratic Bulgaria" Borislav Ignatov, there should be a financial framework to the document which would outline funds needed for the achievement of these goals and how they will be provided.


"It is absolutely mandatory that it should have a strategy for tax policy in the years to come and for which is to be discussed with the citizens of Sofia, to seek their approval and then to proceed to the realization of these long-term goals. We know that the funds will be provided in stages over time," Ignatov told BNR. The architect pointed out a major problem regarding the non-cancellation of the old plans after the General Development Plan has come into force.


"So the Golden Age is a remnant of a previous plan, made in the late 1990s and its effect is preserved. And in the future what we need to do is to set a clause while changing the General Development Plan that all previous plans are cancelled, so that there are no bombs planted in the past, which have become almost legally inadmissible", added the municipal councilor from "Democratic Bulgaria". There is a lack of transparency, there is no access to plans for the construction of buildings in Sofia, he added.


"That is why we are fighting both as a group in the Municipal Council and as a political force to return to full transparency, full digitalization and accessibility of data. At the moment, the Sofia Municipality is like a closed "black box" for data," Borislav Ignatov stressed.

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