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Boris Bonev: The Law Is Made So That the Parties Always Win

Money unites evil forces of all colors in Sofia Municipal Council.

The main thing is to realize that until now the Sofia municipality was managed outrageously and non-competitively - the same companies in all spheres and sectors won all public procurement contracts. The major issue for the development of the economy is the competitive environment, but there are no intentions in this direction. This was stated in a video interview for the

" Banker Studio " by the independent municipal councilor Boris Bonev.


Bonev also said in the interview:


BG is a failed state. In this unique time, when we are club members of the most advanced and developed countries for the first time, we live our lives as if we were in the 1990s - thefts of businesses, sleek oligarchs. One of the leading TV stations deals with its new owner day and night. We live in a surreal world in which the media are PR of oligarchs - whether it is the exile from Dubai or the sleek one of Ludogorets, same thing, isn’t it.


Money unites evil forces in the municipal parliament. Some of the most controversial names, such as Orlin Alexiev, are no longer part of the council, but I have all reasons to believe that his proxies are still there.


If we analyze the most scandalous deals and swaps, we will notice certain people from seemingly warring camps voting together and unanimously. The general problem of the Bulgarian political class is evident here – i.e. the dependencies on mafia and oligarchic circles replace the natural debates on the left-right and modern-traditional axes.


It is high time we evaluated that the only way to solve problems is to realize the power the civil society possesses.


“Save Sofia” was set up as a group of  five boys who met by chance in a forum for construction and architecture. Now Mayor Fandakova is giving answers to our projects and signals. We also made journalists more knowledgeable and bolder when interviewing.

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