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BG Government Has Failed Miserably In The Socio-Economic Measures It Has Imposed

The economic measures in Bulgaria are not comparable to those in other European countries. Home managers offer their citizens loans only. In other countries grants have been given. These are some of the reproaches that Georgi Svilenski, Deputy Chairman of the BSP Parliamentary Group, made to the government of Boyko Borisov.

According to the socialist, the measures implemented by the National Operational Headquarters are appropriate and timely. But he stressed that the socio-economic measures taken by the government are failing completely. For example, he cited measure 60/40, which has undergone several changes.

Svilensky stressed that with 400,000 companies registered in Bulgaria, only 7,500 showed interest, equal to about one and a half percent of all companies in the country.


According to the MP, it is already urgent for the government to take working measures and decisions, as well as those that can take the country out of the crisis and its economic consequences.


"The activity of the Bulgarian Parliament is enshrined in the Constitution and we are a parliamentary republic. BG Constitution clearly states the functions of the parliament - legislative activity, control activity and control over the executive power and representativeness over Bulgarian society. Therefore, most of the functions of parliament over the last month and a half have been erased by the GERB ruling bodies. The arguments of the management concerning for the preservation of MPs health in this case have absolutely no grounds, since only ten days ago we convened at their will to pass a law that will come into force on January 1, 2022. This is an absolutely non-urgent law that they decided they should adopt now. Bulgarian Parliament was brought together with its 240 Mps as if  there was no problem that the MPs would be infected," the BSP MP underlined to the BNR.


"Ever since the introduction of the state of emergency, we have proposed that citizens be paid a minimum wage and insurance. The governing authorities waited for a month and finally came up with a proposal for half the minimum wage. The government's actions are once again proving to be piecemeal actions, without consistency, without clarity, and Bulgarian citizens are asked to do things that contradict each other. It leads to confrontation between people. Mr. Borisov's management style is constantly based on the old rule “divide and rule” – people, traveling to the countryside against those who stay in their homes, people walking in the parks against those who are not, Svilenski continued.


He noted that what interests the Bulgarian citizens i.e. what will happen in the crisis with their life, work, business, should be clarified by the Prime Minister by appearing in the Bulgarian Parliament and answering the questions of all parliamentary parties, not just the BSP. He added that the Prime Minister should answer the questions - how Bulgaria deals with the crisis and its consequences, what are the economic and medical damages and consequences, what is the economic situation in Bulgaria.


"To this day, it has not been clear to anyone what happened with BGN 5 billion which have disappeared for a few days. Minister Goranov reports a surplus of BGN 1,5 billion, after a week the Prime Minister says a deficit of BGN 3 billion. What is the correct amount? What happens to this money? What social and economic measures are ahead? Let him come to the parliament and give the necessary answers to these questions, "the MP insisted.

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