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BG Authorities Hate Free Competition

“BG power detests free competition. Lobbying laws, hundreds of millions of levs a year promised for TPP subsidies, prison for shared services, the monopolization of the media with the assistance of the CPC is sufficient evidence of this." This is stated in a declaration by “Democratic Bulgaria” regarding the new proposal of the ruling majority of GERB and the United Patriots, according to which more than half of the neighbors must agree and allow the owner to short-termly  rent their property through online platforms.

"Every day we are served a new portion of crushed business. “Democratic Bulgaria”  explicitly opposes such interference in people's personal affairs. The opportunity to rent through sites like Airbnb.com and booking.com has  revived entire areas of Sofia and other cities. Thousands of citizens rely on its additional income. Some cover their monthly utility bills, for others it is a business niche. Tens of hundreds of Sofia homes are empty and growing tourism is a chance to fill that capacity.  If this niche is to be closed, the flow of guests will have to be relocated to at least 100 new hotels which will be built on green spaces, parking lots or old buildings, "the political group said.

According to the position stated, Bulgaria is far from the problems created by such platforms in the cities of Barcelona or Paris, for example. "These platforms contribute millions of investments to our capital and vitalize the area between Halite and Lion Bridge, for instance. What will replace this money there? EU funds and ineffective government subsidies? Does the state need to ban something and then try to save it. This is a perverse notion of the functioning of society, " the Democrats say.

The political formation demands that President Rumen Radev veto this "repeated attempt to eliminate competition". "We firmly take the responsibility to restore the freedom of the shared economy after the parliamentary elections, bringing the short-term rental of apartments and cars (Uber services) fully to the market. It is time for Bulgaria to say goodbye to the analogue economy and successfully enter the digital age. This will ensure our success as a state. The other is more of the same ", the statement concludes.

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