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Between “Boyana” drawer and “Belene” pool

As a friend of mine used to say, Boyko Borissov can be anyone, but one thing cannot be denied: at the third minute after he has started speaking, you feel you want to sit on his lap and snuggle in his arms, because you have already trusted him unconditionally. And at the fifth minute you feel like purring blissfully...


No doubt - the series of comics, sms printouts, bank statements, audio recordings and photos bombarding Prime Minister Borissov for a month and a half is an unseen miracle even for the Bulgarian audience, which has long been hardened by the political and media sloppiness.


If we go back in time, there were revealing confessions, authentic compromising materials, accidentally leaked in the public domain (we’ll explain to the youngsters: kompromat is not fake news, but a phrase coined from two other words - COMPROmising and MATerial).  But there has never been such a quantity of it, in such a short time.



Since the publication of the sacred photos on the Afera website - June 17, 11.47 am, to the editorial end of the issue - seven hours later, so many divergent stories were told that the ordinary mortal Bulgarians got cross-eyed. However, they remembered three or four very important things:


- The President Rumen Radev was spying on Prime Minister Boyko Borissov with a drone gifted to him by China. And he spied on him in the state residence "Boyana" - under the eyes and with the active inaction of the guards of the National Security Service.


- The Prime Minister Boyko Borissov had a safe in his state apartment and that is why it was foolish to keep the bribes in his nightstand, which anyone could open and see what was inside. Who is this "anyone" who can do whatever he wants in the most strictly guarded bedroom in  Bulgaria ...

- The kompromat war against him broke out not when the state - in the person of Finance Minister Goranov and Chief Prosecutor Geshev – smashed the gambling empire of Vasil Bozhkov (January this year) but when Bulgaria finally chose the American Phantom fighters and blew off the Swedish Grippen".


- The GERB enemies,  frontally attacking it, are  many(a quote from HIS briefing): "President Radev, then - BSP, after that - Tsvetanov, further on - Maya Manolova, afterwards - Slavi Trifonov, and all DSBs on the globe, which are ready to embrace every communist if only it was not GERB ... " With the exception of the MRF, which acted in a different way: from behind and quietly!


If we sum everything up , i.e. if we analyze more carefully the prime minister's briefing, the statements of his main political rivals and the reactions of bystanders (sociologists, political scientists, commentators, and ordinary "turkeys") –the picture gets crystal clear.  In the sense that the photos have only two logical explanations.


Number one is obvious: first, the sleeping Borisov was photographed  and then - while he was crossing the country cutting ribbons or negotiating the bright future of Bulgaria in Brussels and Washington - someone arranged the three still lives (with the wads of cash, the bars of gold and the pistol) and took several shoots. The purpose is clear: look at what we are capable of, imagine what could happen to you!


Number two: all this is ... crisis PR, pure and simple. That is - everything is directed and presented so that the fan throws splashes to all sides and when the "material" finishes, He - Mr. Borisov appears solemnly behind the curtains. And, shining all in white, with a powerful swing - just like St. George - he crushes all the dragons and fierce storms at once. After that the entire Bulgarian people flock to his feet, heartily hit their foreheads on the ground and follow him towards the bright European future.


All kidding aside. We are back to the 35-minute briefing of Prime Minister Borissov and the parliamentary-government elite of GERB.


One of the real goals of the "exercise" is a little bit back to front and back again. Supposedly as a reason for his becoming a target of his enemies:


Bulgaria is currently building two absolutely impossible geostrategic projects - Balkan Stream and the interconnector with Greece. Impossible!

And just an hour ago, the Minister of Energy, Ms. Petkova, informed me that she had been notified that tomorrow there  would be a press release for an extremely powerful consortium - after the competition, of course - but it brings together for the first time...General Electric, Ross Atom and Fra Atom which is the largest French company for Belene NPP


At the time, a CIA director told me, "Boyko, you will know that Bulgaria has got detached when one of the three generals - General Electric, General Motors or General Dynamics - comes to Bulgaria."


Another colleague told me – the time IKEA comes to Bulgaria means democracy has come - you know. In a sense, it goes only where there is such a thing. And today they signed the agreement and it will be released tomorrow.

That is how I achieved it - not with any secret contracts. I went to the White House, sat next to President Trump, his vice president, Secretary of State Pompeo, the energy minister and last week I spoke again ... "


That is how it is in Bulgaria. Nothing human can be alien to us because ... all alien is ours!


We are not talking about the “successful” and most ridiculous and inefficient way we absorb EU funds in. We are talking about the traditional attribution of foreign intentions (if they are successful) and the elegant "transposition" of humour from the developed socialist society era.


Fact one: great credit is due to our Greek brothers for IKEA's entry into Bulgaria, who have exclusive rights to run a business in the region on behalf of and for the benefit of the Swedish giant.


Fact two: the example in democracy with the stepping of the American "generals" on our soil may have jumped out of the mouth of a former CIA director but the truth is that this is a joke from the mid-70s:


The then leader of the USSR, Leonid Brezhnev, calls his mortal enemy, US President Richard Nixon, and offers him:


"I give you all my marshals against two of your generals."


"You give me 52 of your marshals for just two of my generals?" exclaimed Nixon in astonishment. "You know their names?"


"Of course," Brezhnev replied. - General Motors and General Electric!


So, that's the situation.


Seven years ago, Boyko Borissov stopped the construction of the Belene NPP because Bulgaria did not need a second nuclear power plant and the whole operation was a giant corruption scheme.


Today, however, the Belene NPP is so important for Bulgaria's Euro-Atlantic future that it will be built exactly ... by whom: by the first energy leaders of our strategic partners - the United States, France and Russia (Boyko knows why).


So, let’s compare the incomparable – “Boyana ” residence drawer and the pool near the Danube.

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