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BAS Scientists: “An SUV Has Been Flying down for a Very Long Time and Has to Finally Crash.”

"At this point, we do not need a new Constitution, developed under pressure,  in three days, as well as the convening of a Grand National Assembly", scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, who have come forward with a petition on this occasion, stated.

This type of governance (like Boyko Borisov's) breaks down the state - politically, economically, scientifically and culturally. This was announced by Prof. Lachezar Avramov at a press conference dedicated to the open letter of scientists and specialists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, published 6 days ago and calling for the resignation of the government. Then 169 people signed under it, now they are 265.


"We live in a country where, under the guise of democracy, a person can wave his finger and oust the Speaker of the National Assembly," said Prof. Avramov. What kind of knowledge are we talking about when BAS is fighting for its physical survival at a time when it is losing its intellectual potential.

There are no candidates for scientific work in Bulgaria. All this leads to the disintegration of the state, the drain of intellectual and genetic potential. In the 21st century we have lost many trained people who have fled to the European Union and people who are not working in our country. "


The representatives of BAS have described the proposal of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov to convene a Grand National Assembly for changes to the Constitution as laughable and consider it inappropriate to deal with the homosexual panic of VMRO. In addition, they will return the BGN 50,000 donated to the Academy by MRF MP Delyan Peevski during the state of emergency due to the coronavirus. If they fail to raise the funds to return them to Peevski, scientists are ready to withdraw consumer credit.


Chief Assistant Professor Dr. Georgi Latev said that the management of the country had led "to shale corruption penetrating the soil of its society". "This type of corruption can be removed with what shale gas is extracted - with a hydraulic shock from civil society. The white birds of the protest scared the scarecrow and the scarecrow began writing a new law on the way birds should fly. This is an abomination and we will not allow this to happen in an absolutely categorical way. The rulers want to break ground for the black hole. The academic tone cannot be observed and scientific terminology cannot be spoken in. For a car that has gone off the road, it is the Law of Gravity that matters, not the Law on Road Traffic. An SUV has been flying down for a very long time and this SUV has to finally crash."


Prof. Emanuel Mutafov, on the other hand, condemned all forms of violence and called on the Interior Ministry at all mass events to enter into its role and prevent clashes during the blockades. "I support the protest, but when a problem cannot be resolved peacefully, it is solved with a crisis. I hope the crisis will end with resignations - said Prof. Mutafov. - All citizens who care about the state must join the protest. These people must step down and the upper echelons must be investigated and prosecuted so as to explore the mechanisms for looting the state."


"The Grand National Assembly of this parliament and this government should never be convened. The Supreme National Assembly is convened on a specific occasion,the necessary changes must be made in the Electoral Code, in the structure and management of the CEC. At the moment, the convening of the Supreme National Assembly is not on the agenda," the director of the Institute for the Study of Arts, Prof. Dr. Emanuel Mutafov explained. He described what’s been happening as "an old trick of modern and old dictators".


"What makes an impression is that the important things are the ones that are not talked about while talking about minor things, such as the National Security Agency, overhauling the Constitution. This is an old trick of modern and old dictators like Erdogan, Putin, Lukashenko. The serious thing is not to answer whether the recordings that leaked to the media are authentic but whether their content is authentic," he said, adding that most people do not doubt this.


The scientists have demanded a trial and investigation for Prime Minister Borissov, his cabinet and Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev. "Yes, and as I joked, I would add a lifelong English language course with a ban on politics," added Prof. Mutafov.

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