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Authorities have hugged TVs to up ratings together

Infodemic has overtaken pandemic in Bulgaria

The Chinese cough made turkeys quack

I placed my keyboard a meter and a half away from the ENT area (ear, nose, throat) and am writing you these safe lines.

The Chinese cough, called "coronavirus", has been considered repeatedly from a medical, economic, financial, political, geopolitical, sociological, psychological, futuristic and sports perspective. But it also deserves a media analysis because we are in an infodemic before the pandemic.

Let me ask you, "Does anyone give a sh_t for the fine particles of dust in the air?"

No, right? But you know exactly how big the flu molecules are.

There is no info on the import of junk, the house in Barcelona, ​​the smell of Pernik, the mile-long queues on the borders, the robberies of gas stations, 24-7 shops and casinos.

Nothing about privatization checks.

Aren’t there any stolen hens of lonely elderly women in the villages?

Recent history researchers have found that there were films in Bulgaria before 1989 without Assen Blatechki taking part. There is neither this research nor his recent appearances on TV.

Have drivers become more disciplined, why there are no accidents shown in the news.

There is no more info about the genders or the hateful Norwegians who sniff like janissaries for our children.

Last night, 35 minutes of the central news feed were dedicated to the Chinese cough. They left us breathless even before the flu tried to do so.

The Chinese cough made turkeys quack. There is direct broadcast from airports, stations, bus stations, nursing homes, schools, subways from dawn till dusk. All in the name of the motto: "Tomorrow is the end of the world. The details – the day after tomorrow! "

It occurred to “Horizon” only to ask not only the radiated by Facebook younger people but also the elderly from a nursing home. The retirees had absorbed everything from the competent and categorically clear opinions of real professionals. The elderly were categorical: hysteria was created by the media and in particular by television.

Why did it happen this way?

Because the power (sin on my soul) only takes advantage of the hysteria. The plebs want to be cared for by their elected representatives. What a better occasion could there be for confusion and fear, parentally explained and soothed. Creating an illusory sense of security by speaking out of the last instance breaks down the strongholds of the know-alls and raises the political rating.

It turns out that in modern times the world has gone through at least a dozen global pandemics. It skipped two coronaviruses - in 2002 and 2012. Remember such kind of hysteria? No? Well, yes, because then there was no Facebook.

In one sentence: Facebook did the dirty to the modern men, trembling for their prosperity, they were given the creeps and began staring at their managers what they were doing. The latter became frightened, began to report mutually denying things, felt helpless in the created chaos and relied on panic measures and transparency. The opposite for them was politically doomed.

Transparency, which is presented through daily, double-time,  boring briefings, broadcast directly from the electronic media.

The reporters-turkeys first began waiting for samples, then for infected people, later - for the "zero patient", now for carcasses.

They kept gobbling impatiently every half an hour through mindless live streams.

And finally we have reached the point where the Chief of Militia against Chinese Cough General Mutafchiiski  asks them "do not besiege the hospitals (quote) because you are prevented us from doing our job".

Even the MPs got scared by the turkeys - not in an airborne but intonational way.  And the poor poultry was imprisoned into the so-called (journalistic jargon) "barns" in the Parliament.

Things are simple: If you are under 50, the chance of dying of a coronavirus is about 100 times less than the chance of dying in a car accident. If you are over 50 - only 50 times less.

How to fight? Hygiene - personal and social, civil responsibility and non-participation in public gatherings.

And no television.

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