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Assoc.Prof. Maria Pirgova: GERB, BSP to Topple Radev through Joint Candidate

The relations between the Centennial Party and the President are frozen.

Ms. Cornelia Ninova said she was not ready to support Rumen Radev for a second term and that an intra-party poll should be held across the country to show that BSP is the most democratic. This is a frivolous argument, since it is clear that Radev will apply for a second term. Relations between the party and the president have not been very warm throughout the term of the head of state. Now they're completely frozen, especially after Kaloyan Metodiev’s departure from the presidency. This was stated in a video interview with "The Banker Studio" by the political scientist Maria Pirgova.

Assoc. Prof. Pirgova also said:

A post-election coalition between GERB and BSP has not been ruled out.

Breaking the pattern is only possible through a presidential republic. Its implementation requires a lot of time and efforts. It requires a revolution. That's why it's unlikely. Everything else will reproduce the current pattern.

Kaloyan Metodiev's new institute will serve the interests of BSP.

BSP and Radev had to support each other, on the contrary - they went to the other extreme. In those circumstances, both sides lose.

Without the BSP Radev won't take a second term and I don't see how he's going to warm up his relationship with the 20 Pozitano str. If some elite gathers around him to create a party, he can continue in politics outside the presidency.

Cornelia Ninova can't make alliances. She didn't make it with either the President or the Vice President. So the BSP is becoming increasingly isolated.

It’s become a tradition for the BSP to give up power. This is a very comfortable way of living in politics for the leadership of the party and their parliamentary group. They present themselves as an opposition, but they do nothing real in this direction. They've got enough benefits as an opposition with no responsibilities. There are millionaires in all the party camps.

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