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A Sort of Dictatorship Is Ahead of Us

"This global disease will have major economic consequences  and many political situations will follow ... At the moment we are not living a real life, but a fabulous one. There is no evidence and a strong argument that this disease is much more dangerous than the situation we had two or three years ago when there were similar flu epidemics. Mankind has already broken its economy, struck itself a blow which is now irreversible." This is what sociologist Andrei Raychev told the BNR. According to him, governments make a big mistake – "they invite in managerial headquarters doctors who know of bodily fluids, but not of psychiatry":


"People suffer more from the fear itself. People should be given daily instructions on how to deal with the psychopathic situation they have been facing, "Raichev is adamant.

The sociologist added that people want it and the power dances to their tune. "This is the exultation of humanity. Mankind lives in a virtual world ... We virtualized the world, but the economy is not virtual, "he emphasized.

In his words, novel political forms will emerge. "Something like a dictatorship is waiting for us ... We live in a society of control - a complete harmony between people’s desire and authorities," Andrei Raichev said.

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