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58% of Bulgarians want the resignation of the government, 32% do not

Six percent say they have already protested against the government. This share is conditionally equal to about 300 thousand people. 36% say they would still take part in a protest against the government. 8% would participate in a protest in support of the government and 2% say they have already participated.

The data come from an independent express survey of Gallup International, conducted on July 13 among 700 people. The data, of course, contain some declaratory nature, but they represent a relatively good guide to the size and profile of protests and protest potential. Such surveys are a good method for forming hypotheses in a rapidly changing environment.



A significant part of those who declare they are protesting are young people. In Sofia, the protest potential is higher. In the rest of the country it is expected to be smaller which is probably due to the feeling of fear. But events show that change is taking place. About 10% protested in Sofia at the time of the survey, which could mean about 150,000 people.


58% agree that the government is to resign, 32% oppose to it. The others cannot judge.



The data also reproduce the traditional structure of opinions on the issue of trust in government. However at the same time, these data show that the stabilization of the government's image around the coronavirus situation has been rather temporary and has delayed deeper processes.


It seems that in the first 3 months the spread of Covid consolidated power all over the world and removed partisanship from people’s minds, now, the reverse process is beginning - the mood for change. This has already been witnessed in Germany, France and other countries.


The survey was carried out through a telephone panel. Absolute maximum error 3.7 at 50% shares. 1% of the sample is approximately equal to about 55 thousand people.

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