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A 3.5% share of the Bulgarian car market must be held by 2007 - this is the goal that Zastava Bulgaria OOD wants to achieve. It means at least 1,100 cars sold a year. Sales of this car brand in Bulgaria were restored last April following a nearly 15-year interruption. Seventy cars and 14 cargo-carrying microbuses have been ordered so far. The company managers claim they will achieve their goals thanks to the low prices of the models offered and the guarantee services. A few models of Zastava will be offered in Bulgaria. Florida 1.3 with a 1.3 cubic metre engine costs BGN12,600, VAT included. Euro Zeta will be the most expensive car of the brand. Its base price will amount to BGN58,740. Zastava 10 will be offered on the market from next year, too. It will be produced on the basis of Fiat Punto but will have a different exterior and interior design.
Zastava Bulgaria already has its own taxi company, Dimet Trans, which uses the logo and dispatchers station of the One Euro taxis. The company will operate in Sofia and Dobrich. At present, Zastava Bulgaria OOD has only two authorized dealers - Polmo Auto EOOD operating in the city and the area of Sofia, and Tour Sport EOOD which works on the territory of Dobrich. The network of dealers will be expanded in the coming months and will spread on Montana, Pleven, Blagoevgrad, Sliven, Haskovo, Bourgas and Plovdiv.
Zastava started producing cars in Kraguevac, Serbia, on August 26, 1953. A small series of Vilis jeeps was launched at that time. A year later, the company started to collaborate with Fiat and Zastava 750 was born. More than 900,000 vehicles with this brand have been produced. The company plants began to produce cargo vehicles with various levels of transportation ability. Since the company was established, it has produced more than 4.5 million cars. Production is now carried out by three companies owned by Zastava Group - Zastava Automobiles makes cars, some of them with Peugeot-Citroen engines, Zastava Special Vehicles produces light cargo vehicles, first aid cars, and Zastava Trucks makes heavy cargo-carrying vehicles.

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