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Dimitar Atanassov, Executive Director of BULBANK

I would like to cordially thank the Banker weekly - me personally, on behalf of my colleagues who participated in the Management Board till October 20, 2000, as well as on behalf of the former Management Board members. As you know Mr. Gavrijsky was also a member of the BULBANK Management Board. I would like to express my personal gratitude, the gratitude of the already former Management board and that of the bank's staff who made possible the reaching of the set goals. I would like to take the opportunity and wish everybody present at the bankers meeting lots of health, and for the banker's day I would like to sincerely wish all colleagues professional success and personal happiness.

Momchil Andreev, Executive Director of Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria)

I would like to thank the Banker weekly for the award. It is true that the credit for this award belongs to the whole international team, namely John Harris, the Chairman of the Management Board and to my colleague David Halsted. I should also express my gratitude to our customers who have patience enough for applying for credits, to the 250 employees and last but not least - to you, our competitors, who never leave us to be bored. Thank everybody and enjoy the banker's day.

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