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The Centre for Economic Research and the National Association of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (NASMB) are launching a project, aimed at assisting Bulgarian companies through INTERNET. A special website, to be created by the two associations, will be prividing information about the opportunities for foreign financing and the prospects for export to the European Union member countries. The project envisions also presentation of companies on the website. This service, however, will be paid. We expect the number of companies, included in the project, to exceed 200 in the first months of 2002, NASMB's Chairperson Eleonora Alexova said. The Bulgarian Industrial Association and the Bulgarain Chamber of Commerce and Industry have similar information banks, but they are not public. Our aim is to help the great number of small and medium-sized firms, notwithstanding whether they are members of our association or not, Ms. Alexova added.

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