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Kirko Kirkov, BIBA President, to the Banker weekly

Mr. Kirkov, do you think that Macedonian crysis and the forthcoming elections will influence the investment climate in Bulgaria?
- If I knew the answer, I would have settled the problems of a number of company managers. We all monitor the developments in Macedonia carefully, but I think that we, Bulgarians, have already proved that despite of the difficulties in the region, we find the way out of them. So that I prefer the optimistic outlook.

What should the new government do stimulate foreign investments?
- I'd recommend it to read the White Book, which BIBA issued a couple of months ago. There the priorities are clearly stated. And they have not changed. The infrastructure should improve, as well as the investments in SMEs to be stimulated.

A number of businessmen say that it is difficult to get a bank credit. To what extent do you think this is a problem for business?
- Crediting is a major element in the development of any company. This situation will persist until some products are offered at the market, allowing for better long term company financing. I think that the problem is quite clear both for the government and the financial sector. So that we hope for development in this aspect. There is no lack of resources in Bulgaria. The problem is in finding a mechanism for launching them in an acceptable for the banks way.

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