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Vivatel presented its new private customer subscription plan, Freedom 30, on October 17. In return to a BGN20 monthly subscription, it offers free mobile services equal to 83 minutes of calls to mobile and fixed networks in the country, or 214 short messages, or 50 multimedia messages, or 9.5 MB data transfer, or 70 minutes of calls to fixed networks abroad. But in fact consumption is a combination of all these services. When the free mobile services are depleted, calls to all mobile and fixed networks in the country will cost BGN0.36 and short messages - BGN0.14.
As it makes for all other services, the mobile operator keeps the initial 30-second minimum call charge as well as the free voice mail service and access to the customer service centre.
Vivatel began to offer its services on November 5, 2005. For less than twelve months the mobile operator has attracted over 500,000 customers.

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