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On the last working day of 2000 Prime Minister Ivan Kostov signed the appointment of the new member of the Ministry of Economy management team. Ivan Ivanov, former UDF MP and memeber of the Parliamentary Commission of Budget and Finances, was appointed Vice Minister of Economy. He was born in 1957 in Montana and he has acquired his working experience before entering the Parliament there. He worked Chief Accountant at the Montana-based Fitingi and as an economic expert at the famous Pima plant, part of the military industry.
He also worked as Chief Expert at the Bonds department of the UBB Montana branch, as well as Director of Finances and Municipality Ownership at the Montana Municipality. At present Ivan Ivanov has assumed Levon Hampartzumian's position, after the latter headed the Privatization Agency. At the Ministry of Economy Ivan Iavanov will be responsible for the privatization, liquidation, state-owned shares, financial control, state resources, concessions andsocial cooperation.
On December 29, 2000, the Banker weekly contacted the new Vice Minister of Economy, who was at his native town at that time. I realise, said Ivan Ivanov, that I have undertaken a big responsibility. What I'd like to say at the very beginning is that I will continue the policy of transperancy and increasing the effectiveness of the Bulgarian economy, followed by the Ministry of Economy.

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