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Mr. Moskov, you are among the negotiators for common activities with GERB and UDF, aimed at overthrowing the Government. Which are the greatest difficulties you have faced so far?
- We are different political forces. We differ as representation, electoral support, and we have different origin and past. We have exchanged a lot of bitter reproach and talks on such grounds are never easy. The most valuable thing for me is that the three organizations succeeded to find a way to concentrate on looking for common positions. And when you have a clear aim talks are both hard and easy.
Do you really believe you could provoke preliminary elections by protest actions you intend to organize?
- I don't accept the logic that preliminary elections are hardly probable. The activity of the civil society and the people's willingness and possibility to take part in protests against the Government will decide if there will be preliminary elections. A Cabinet that has received such a negative appraisal from the European Union should be also censured by its employer, i.e. the Bulgarian electorate. Then preliminary elections take place which is the best option for all of us. The manifestation of impudence is quite a typical feature both for the Socialists and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms. We are speaking of impudence rather than incompetence. I'll take the liberty to oversimplify and interpret the conversation between the European institutions and the Government as follows: if I tell you that you have a serious disbalance in your mental and physical development you'd probably be insulted, but you wouldn't go to you relatives and tell them there is nothing wrong with you because I haven't directly told you you are an idiot. The European Union told the Government that it is a political idiot but it did that using the words and phrases of diplomacy. The problem is not that the rulers have not understood what they have been told, but that they are not willing to admit they are guilty and should bear responsibility.
However, an impression remains that half of UDF's members support that tripartite union and the other half is against it.
- None of us will forget the exchanged bitter reproach some of which was indeed on the verge of good manners. But that's not important at present. We should prove there is an alternative to the incumbent Asian-Oriental style of ruling. We are Europeans and we deserve to be ruled as such.
Anyway, some of your party fellows do not agree to work together with GERB and the question of Ivan Kostov's leadership was even raised again.
- Ivan Kostov is a great political figure with exceptional qualities of a statesman. One of the aims of the campaign which is being held against our joint activities is today's rulers' fear to see him in the country's government again. These people are acquainted with his ability to manage the processes in the State and achieve positive results. They know his possibility to impose lawfulness. Kostov's presence in the country's government is the tripartite coalition's nightmare.
Four years ago Ivan Kostov and his followers set up a new political formation because they disagreed with UDF's policy. What has changed to make you unite again?
- We should not necessarily be the same or accept everything about the other. Each of the three parties walks a certain road of development. What I could say about DSB is that our principles have not changed since the party's establishment till now. But the society's agenda has changed. Our aim now is not to allow again such a disastrous government as the current one. That is also a moral imperative. All other dilemmas are secondary and caused mainly by personal misunderstandings.
In addition to the syndicates you met also with representatives of the professional organisations of doctors, nurses and pharmacists. Did you manage to convince them to back you actions?
- A conversation of the type 'promise to fulfil our demands and you'll get our support' is sort of naive. A package of reforms is necessary in the healthcare sector. It should be determined to what extent the society could finance solidarity healthcare through respective instalments and that has not been made for an eighth year in succession. Money is poured into the healthcare system but nobody knows where it goes. People continue to pay under the table in hospitals without being satisfied with the medical services they get. No reform has been held in a single segment of the healthcare system for eight years. That is the stance of professional organisations and we entirely share the same opinion.
Anyway, the Government is preparing a reform in the healthcare sector. Do you expect a huge mistake to be admitted?
- The biggest mistake that could be done is to give to three or four insurance companies (they don't know yet how to name the theft) about BGN500MN. This money has been taken from the people in advance as obligatory healthcare insurances and investing it in such private funds would be a large-scale theft of money. If that happens DSB will make everything possible that the rulers take not only political but also criminal responsibility. Stealing so much money from a solidarity healthcare fund is a crime that cannot be tolerated. That is also one of the reasons to insist that the incumbent Government quits as soon as possible. Otherwise, the same will happen as with the money in the Roads Fund. And we are all affected by that. The European Commission has already warned our Government to be careful what it's doing.But when you are politically insane and morally mean you could make lots of nonsense. The question is if we would allow that?
But if your party does not pass the barrier for entering the Parliament your efforts would remain in vain.
- Sociological research shows at present that could not happen. Our aim is not simply to enter the next National Assembly, but form a big parliamentary group. We believe that the Bulgarian Socialist Party, the National Movement Simeon II, and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms should remain in opposition because they don't have a potential for ruling, and we are glad the UDF and GERB have adamantly expressed the same stance.
In the autumn the rightist parties will again gather in the Italian town of Cadenabbia where the UDF-coalition was established twelve years ago. Do you expect crucial decisions to be made at that meeting?
- That is an initiative of the European People's Party which will probably lead to reasonable decisions. But the meetings we hold in our country are not less important.

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