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The Italian Transport Ministry flatly refused to hold negotiations for increasing the quota of single-time permits for transport of goods between the two countries, Dimiter Ganev, Director General of the Automobile Administration department at the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications, announced to the BANKER weekly.For years on end the quota of 8,000 permits, which the two countries' administrations exchange, is a major problem for the work of the Bulgarian-Italian Transport Commission. The permits granting Bulgarian trucks the right to enter, load, and discharge in Italy are entirely insufficient. Every year the insufficiency of such documents is between 3,000 and 4,000. At the same time, the Italian carriers use less than 10% of their permits.In that situation it seems only natural for the Italians to take no heed of Bulgaria's transport difficulties. But the freight rates in Bulgaria are about twice lower and local hauliers practically handle the entire Bulgarian-Italian commercial exchange. For that reason the Committee for Protection of Italian Entrepreneurs in Bulgaria, chaired by Italy's Ambassador to Bulgaria H.E. Alesandro Graffini, made a statement in support of Bulgarai's request for increasing the quota.Telling the truth, a few months ago Italy granted additionally 1,000 permits, but a durable increase by the necessary 3,000-4,000 documents could not be negotiated.Italy's representatives said that everything that was lying in the power of Italian transport authorities was done and the final settlement of the matter needed a political decision.

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