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The countries which signed in 1999 the memorandum for facilitation of international haulage to Westeastern Europe will have to introduce by the year-end at the latest an unified certificate for weight of cargo transport. The reason is that the five-year grace period for the introduction of that document elapses in 2004. The aim is to eliminate the weighing at each border crossing the trucks that travel with the certificate. According to Georgi Chernev, Deputy Chairman of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), this will reduce the time and costs for passing border check-points. However, he explained that the certificate will be valid only for the countries through which the vehicles pass in transit. Checks will be made at exit and entrance borders. Currently, the trucks are weighed at both sides of each border crossing, and some USD45 are charged for each check, Mr. Chernev said. According to the preliminary estimates of the BCCI, which will be issuing the certificates, the document will cost about BGN7 and will be termless. But none of the hauliers will be obliged to use them, Mr. Chernev added.

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