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TNT, the international courier, marked its five years of presence at the Bulgarian market. Since the beginning of its establishment, the Bulgarian subsidiary is standing at the success ladder, but it was only now that it reached the highest position. This year the company should be double joubilant - for the first time in 2000 TNT Bulgaria reached a positive financial result and their turnover amounted to USD2.5MN. Ivan Vassilev, the General Manager, considers this as a result of the investments made for expanding the network, for technical improvements, new hubs and equipment for management of parcels, new cars for the fleet. Our biggest investment, however, is in the people, said he. The company has a staff of 120. The couriers are 30, and each of them has a special region and permanent customers, for which he is responsible. Daily they process about 1000 local and international parcels.
Among TNT's most important customers are Bulgarian Marine, Philips, Domaine Boyar, Vidima Ideal, ING Bank, etc.
The company maintains good relations with the competition, and according to Mr. Vassilev they are a catalist for the company's development. It maintains good relations with the Sofia municipality as well.
For a second year now TNT Bulgaria donates USD1000 to the orphanages. This will be a tradition, promised the General Manager.

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