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About 230 representatives of ministries, departments, agencies, municipalities and unions are going to take part in the second national forum Ecological Tourism in Bulgaria. The event will take place in the Sofia University on 29 and 30 January 2004. The forum is part of a project called Preservation of the Biological Variety and Economic Growth II and financed by the US Agency for International Development. The forum is aimed at presenting a national strategy and a plan of action for development of the ecological tourism.The work on the strategy was initiated by the economic, ecological, and agricultural ministries about two years ago. In October 2002, during the first forum, the three ministries signed a cooperation memorandum and decided that the National Strategy for Ecological Tourism would be used as a framework for the establishment of a National Plan of Action. Both documents were prepared with the financial assistance of the USAID, the UN Development Program, the Swiss government, and the World Bank.

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