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The Bulgarian army will become entirely professional not earlier than January 1, 2008, majority in Parliament decided, approving on first reading amendments to the Act on Defence and Armed Forces on Thursday. About BGN30-32MN is necessary for the purpose, which should be planned in the Government's budget for 2007. Currently, the General Staff is not ready to speed up the process. According to calculations of the Defence Ministry, the annual maintenance of the professional army will cost BGN145MN.
The youths, recruited from the army shall be allowed to apply for staff appointment after taking the military oath and not after servicing two thirds of the term of military service (as now), amendments to the defence law stipulate as well. The draft amendments project that the use of a leave for temporary disability to work should not be a hindrance for dismissal from staff military service due to a disciplinary punishment. The bill proposes to increase the ceiling of the age for recruitment in the National Investigation Service in order to give an opportunity to use the potential of the most experienced and qualified investigators.

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