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Evdokia Maneva, Minister of Ecology and Water and Thomas O'Brian, WB representative, signed an agreement for free aid amounting to USD350,000. The donation is launched by the Global Ecology Fund (GEF). It will be used for financing the five-year Project for recovering the wet areas and reduction of polution of the Danube region. This forms just a part of the future financial assistance rendered by GEF for Bulgaria, which will total USD14MN, said Thomas O'Brian after signing the agreement. Money will be used for detailed technical analyses of the wet areas near the Danube, which will support Bulgarian and foreign experts in designing ecology projects.
The project is planned to recover 3000 hectars of affected areas. Annually will be extracted harmful substances, mainly nitrogen - about 375 tons and phosphorus - 39 tons. Local population will also be attracted in the execution of the ecology project, and after the biological balance is restored, this will create the conditions for developing tourism and fishing in this part of the country, added Minster Maneva.

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