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Ibrahima Kuna Gai was born on February 19, 2989 in Dakar; zodiac sign - Aquarius; single; 190 cm high; weight - 80 kg; played in the national team of Senegal in 1998-1999 and 2000-2001; hobby - swimming

Ibrahima Gai, one of the new soccer players in the ZSKA team this season, was brilliant in the first match for the UEFA Cup against Ukraine's Shahtyor. The athletic back was terrific, especially when playing with his head; he kicked just one wrong pass throughout the game, and could even score a goal at the end of the match.Ibrahima Gai has no manager. A coach in Senegal showed him Bulgaria on a map, Gai got in touch with ZSKA and arrived in Sofia. He wants to get as far as he can in football, at that together with ZSKA. He likes his red shirt, No 29. Ibrahima would be very proud if he could help the team go ahead. And if someone invites him later on to put on another foorball shirt - say of a better European team - he would hardly refuse such an offer. For us, African soccer players, this is a chance to try making a richer life. I'm glad I'm making progress in mastering the football game in Bulgaria. I admit I'm lucky to have a coach like Nikodimov, whi is sometimes very exacting, but this makes me more ambitious. My fellows from the team also help me.They've tried to scare him with Levski - the mighty rival of ZSKA, but Ibrahim has not watched many matches of that team and has noy played against it yet. So I cannot be frightened. Don't think I'll surely bite my tongue out of worry. You probably know we have lions there in Senegal, says Gai.

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