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The 2005 Agricultural Report of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry specifies the main goals of the ministry in the new year. The most important among them are the adoption of a Regulation on Labelling Beef and Beef Products and the upgrading of regulations on the production and marketing of poultry and eggs for direct consumption. This is a requirement of the European Union and in case these documents are not adopted, the European observers will assess Bulgaria's agriculture negatively in their report. Besides, the administrative capacity is about to be provided that will be responsible for introducing the butchering activities classification system in Bulgaria. These regulations are expected to be finished by May 2006 - the time when the EU will announce its opinion about the country's readiness to become a member from the beginning of 2007.
For the present, however, bird flu prevention remains the agricultural ministry's top priority. That is why experts from the national veterinary and medical service carry out annual inspections of the Bulgarian producers and processors. The inspections will continue until next spring, when migratory birds will leave the Bulgarian land. However, cross-border control will remain strong during the entire year, the ministry announced.

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