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Final consultations are being held between the ministers of Premier Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Govornment for nominating the new members of Bank DSK's Supervisory Board. Its should be elected o September 18, 2001, when the general meeting of the credit institution will be held. The decisions will be taken by the representatives of the Council of Ministers, which owns 75% of teh bank's capital and of the Bank Consolidation Company, whish holds a 25% stake.It is certain that the Deputy Minister of Finance Kiril Ananiev will remain on the Board. Eliana Masseva, who was secretary general if former premier Ivan Kostov's cabinet and is now an MP of the UDF, will be relieved of her duties. It is said that the other member of the credit institution's Supervisory Board - Tsenka Ilcheva, who is Chief Accountant of the Bulgarian Telecommunications Company - will be also dismissed.Financial circles comment that Sevdalin Marinov - Secretary General of Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha's Government - will be one of the new members of Bank DSK's Supervisory Board. Mr. Marinov was born in 1959 in Bourgas and is a hereditary lawyer, the son of the former deputy minister of justice Ivan Mavrov. Sevdalin Mavrov's entire professional experience has been as a judge. In the last few years he was a deputy chairman of the Sofia City Coart and his most recent employment was at the Sofia Coart of Appeal.

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