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Bulgarian investors are already able to trade on the international money and capital markets directly via INTERNET, at that using software in their native language. The service has been launched by the investment underwriter Delta Stock. Clients only have to open an account with the finance house, against which they will get a password for entering the web-site, through which they can effect deals.The service has some 100 clients so far. They can close four types of online deals abroad. The opportunity for margin trade in foreign currencies has been used most frequently by now.The finance house offers the advantage of investing very small amounts. The client should deposit in Delta Stock BGL200 at least, agaisnt which he is entitled to a 1% margin. Such a deposit is sufficient for buying or selling foreign currency equivalent to 100 times that amount, i.e. - BGL20,000. Another advantage is that the underwriter does not charge any fees for this type of deals. Delta Stock's profits come from the spread between the purcashe and selling bids for US dollars, BG levs, euros, Swiss franks, GB pounds, etc. For example, if Delta Stock is buying at the EUR/USD exchange rate of 0.9150, it will be selling at the rate of EUR/USD 0.9160.

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