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The amendments to the Act on the State Official, Administration and Adminsitration Servicing of Natural and Juristic Persons, will be ready by March, 2003. This is stipulated in the Cabinet-approved plan for implementing the Strategy for Modernization of the State Administration. The inefficiency of the work of Bulgarian state officials is one of the most frequent criticisms to our country on the part of the European Union. The Minister of State Administration Dimiter Kalchev will be responsible for the fulfillment of that task.As the BANKER weekly has already written, the amendments to that law will introduce mandatory competitions for assuming a state post. Another long-awaited step to modernization of the administration is binding the remuneration of officials' with the real result of their operation. The intention for a periodic attestation of state institutions' officials and and creation of real incentives for rising in the career seem promising. One of the most important amendments to the law is the introduction of stricter rules for financial audits in the state institutions. The act also stipulates more concrete defining of the functions of political cabinets and consultative councils with the individual ministers. A novelty will be the regulation of the order for commercial companies' providing some kind of services to firms and natural persons. The exact procedure will be described in the new provisions of the Act on Administrative Servicing of Natural and Juristic Persons. Corrections will be made as well in the Unified Classifier of Administrative Positions.

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