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The investment intermidiary Hedger has sent early this week a letter to Credit Bank curators, informing them that one of their foreign customer was strongly interested in the bankrupt bank. At the beginning of 2001 the same customer, which name Hedger would not disclose even to the bank curators Pavel Pavlov and Gospodin Kouzmanov, was studying the possibilities for acquiring certain assets of Multigrup's bankrupt bank. Now, a month and a half later, the mysterious candidate insists on negotiating the purchase of either autonomous parts or the credit institution as a whole. The well kept secret of the candidate's name inspired the version that it is related to the former owners of the bankrupt bank, who are the most interested in terminating the investigations.
Both curators - Pavlov and Kouzmanov - informed the Banker weekly that they have notified Hedger in a letter of their interest in meeting in person the representatives of their foreign client. At the meeting should be specified what exactly they are interested in - buying authonomous parts or the whole bank, as the procedures are quite different.
Most probably the first discussions on the topic will be held by mid-March, and by that time Credit Bank curators will have to repay BGL6.27MN to companies and individuals. They will be able to receive their money at the cash desks of BIOCHIM's Batenberg Branch in Sofia, against presentation of the respective certificates, which will be issued by specially authorised officials at Credit Bank's Sofia branch at 7, Anguel Kanchev St. For to be issued a certificate, all individuals will have to present their ID card or passport, as well as a document, showing Credit Bank's liabilities to them.
Companies, whose money sank in Credit Bank, will have to present to the respective officials documents for all changes in their court registrations, BULSTAT number, tax ID as well as documents proving the bank's liabilities to the company. Only after that they will be able to get the certificates for obtaining their money from BIOCHIM's desks. Persons who will come to collect the money on behalf of the crediting company, will have to present documents showing their authorisation.

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