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Unified Europe surprised Bulgarian tourist with its rather different requirements. There are no visa requirements for entering the EU, yet the Bulgarian tourists need to have a medical insurance. The Schengen countries, however, have different requirements for its minimum coverage. Germany for example would accept USD4,000, Spain - USD10,000, but Italy requests an insurance covering USD15,000. Indisputable leader of these requests is Austria - the insurance policy requested at its borders should cover risks for USD25,000. So that any Bulgarian tourist who would like to visit Germany, but will go through Austria, has to buy the more expensive insurance policy.
This disproportion made some insurance company managers contact the embassies of the Schengen countries and request the undertaking of certain steps to unify the requirements. Foreign diplomats have shown understanding in the matters. According to insurance managers official authorities may also contribute to the settlement of that problem if they refer it at the respective level.

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