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Nikolai Vassilev - Head of the economic team of the National Movement Simeon II to the BANKER weekly

The responsibility for ruling this country during the next mandate will rest on the National Movement Simeon II (NMSII). Do you have the necessary personnel to appoint to the key positions at ministries, agencies and district administrations?
- The Movement has the necessary human potential, but we shall also rely on experts who are not affiliated to NMSII.

When the incumbent Government withdraws, all members of the political cabinets will quit together with it. These are deputy ministers, directors of agencies, and heads of the respective press centres. Do you intend to propose to some of those people to stay in the adminsitration?
- We'll try to keep some of them. I am personnaly very impressed by the work of some of the deputy ministers of finance. I believe there are many talented and uncorrupted people in the present Cabinet. It is these virtues that are important for us, rather than political afficiations or the position in a certain government. If any of the present deputy ministers or heads of state agencies satisfy our criteria and we do not have better candidates for these posts, it is only logical for us to propose them to retain their positions.

On the day of the elections some media announced that your colleague Milen Velchev said that all heads of the regional companies Energosnabdyavane (Energy Supply), ViK (Water and Sewage), and of the regional customs offices, would be replaced. Do you have people to replace them?
- I have not heard what Milen Vulchev said and I cannot, therefore comment his words. But we all know that many heds of these and of other state-run companies and administration structures have been appointed through the political force they belong to, and that they are corrupt. It is these people who should have fears for their posts.
As far as customs are concerned, we intend to take fundamental measures. People employed there on political grounds and cousins of political figures can no longer command there. All state-owned enetrprises should be privatised, and the customs' management should be entrusted to an organisation which is under international supervision.

Isn't foreign control over customs in contradiction with EU practice?
- This is just an idea. Before stepping to its realization, we'll agree it with the EU. If it is not accepted, we are ready to discuss the EU proposals for solving the problem regrding corruption at the customs. But frankly speaking, I am not sure we could eradicate it, even if we placed two policemen by each customs officer, as corruption in this institution has reached a very high state level. I believe that the measur, proposed by us would solve the problem much more quickly and efficiently.

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