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The first web-site dedicated to the Bulgarian capital market was presented officially on Thursday. Investorsbg.com started operating last October but few people were aware of it. The owners of the edition are ambitious to provide timely information about the current problems of the stock market in the country, as well as on the condition of the big public companies.
Owners of the web-site are seven investors with the US entrepreneur Stewart Allan Till the most famous among them. He is the biggest shareholder in the Bulventures venture capital fund which has recently become rather popular. The Bulgarian prince Kiril is among his partners there. Businessmen from England, the Netherlands and Austria, as well as Alexy Andonov, manager of Vitosha - a Hungarian fund for investments in Bulgaria, are among the other owners of the new site.
It's worth noting that Investorsbg.com will not limit its efforts in providing electronic information only. Its shareholders provided money for acquiring shares of some attractive Bulgarian companies. BGL100,000 have been invested in them so far and the amount is expected to reach BGL1M by the end of the year. According to the two founders of the company, Stewart Allan Till and Alexander Petrov - a lecturer in the Vienna University, they want to demonstrate that they will not only give advices but will also follow them.

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