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The second edition of the governmental initiative, called the Bulgarian Easter, marked at least three tendencies, important for the development of the Bulgarian public and political life. Within the frames of this event were invited young Bulgarian experts, working both in Bulgaria and abroad, for a discussion on the existing problems of the current development of the country.
The very fact that two years ago the idea was born among the governing politicians is indicative that the society has already reached that stage of its democratic development, when a government cannot feel comfortable, even less effective, if it is isolated in power. Effective governing of Bulgaria today requests an effective communication between people and government - a tendency totally new for the political tradition in the country.
Here we can distinguish the second tendency which will obviously remain indicative for the next couple of mandates of our political future. Discussions between government and people are not yet understood as a means of communication, but rather as a propaganda forum. The meetings between ministers and people, which took place in fourteen cities round the country showed that no matter how long the speeches are, both sides cannot enter a dialogue.
The third, rather gloomy tendency seen during the Easter event is that obviously in Bulgaria state government is still deeply related to the current political context. Once again the politicians demonstrated that they are seeking contacts with the people mainly because of the coming elections.
Yet, good or bad, the Bulgarian Easter is a beginning in the communication between society and power. Actually like most new things today, it is rather feeble than promising. But the fact that it occured gives ground for optimism that some day in Bulgaria government and society will not only speak the same language, but will also discuss issues equally important for both sides.

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