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Tennis-Weekend 2002 is in fact the fifth edition of a competition, organized by the company Competitions and Tournaments. But it is also the first sports event for bankers and financiers, which is held under the patronage and for the prizes of the BANKER weekly.We must admit that it wasn't easy at all. The competition was to take place on October 12 and 13 (Saturday and Sunday) and initially over 70 pairs had applied for participation. But unfortunately on the Saturday morning the courts of the Diplomatic Club in Gorna Banya more resembled clear lakes than playgrounds. Over seven tons of water were taken away by the boys of Nikolay Bozhinov, owner of the club, and when finally everything seemed ready for the game, it started raining again.So, on the next day (Sunday) the playing pairs were reduced to 28, but the weather was nice and sunny almost all the time. The battle began at 9 a.m. and continued without interruption till 5 p.m. when final winners were announced.This year the cup went to the pair Stefan Romanov - Valentin Dishev from DSK Bank - Plovdiv. At the final they beat by 3:1 sets Dimitar Dimitrov from Kirshman Corporation and Docho Karadochev from Central Cooperative Bank (CCB). The match was almost professional and deserved the public's loud applauses. As in every fair game, it was won by the best.By the way, CCB had one more semi-finalist - Ivan Kolev who played in team with Emil Tanev from Raiffeisenbank. In other words - he was third though competition's regulation provided for no such place. Last weekend the courts in Gorna Banya hosted many celebrities from the Bulgarian banking system - from Levon Hampartzumin, Head of BULBANK, to Bozhidar Kabakchiev, Deputy Governor of the BNB. The cups and the awards were handed by Ms. Bistra Georgieva, Editor-in-chief of the BANKER weekly. Then came the most pleasant part of the event - the cocktail party, held by the weekly, where people discussed tennis, money, politics and... the rest remains a secret. Yet, everyone admitted that it was both delicious and funny.The BANKER weekly would like to express its gratitude to the sponsors of the event - EIBANK AD, Eurobank AD, Festa Wine Company, MTel, Municipal Bank Plc and HEBROSBANK.

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