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Thai businessmen are coming on an official visit to Bulgaria for the first time after the political and economic changes in 1989. The delegation includes investors and producers who have undertaken a series of meetings in Eastern Europe - Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria. The tour began on April 5 and Kiev is the first stop where the businessmen will stay for three days. Within that period the delegation will meet local economic leaders and businessmen. On April 9 the representatives of Thai business will depart for Bucharest, Romania, where they will stay for four days and will attend official and business meetings in the World Trade Centre where Thai companies and their products will be presented.
The delegation will arrive in Sofia on April 12. This business visit is considered historical because bilateral relations are expected to stir up considerably as a result of it. On April 13 the Thai guests will attend a business meeting in Grand Hotel Sofia from 9.00 a. m. to 5.00 p. m. It is organized by Premium Expo and participation will be pay-free.
The Thai delegation is headed by Mr. Sombat Srisurin. The tour has been organized with the support of the Thai Ministry of Economy which has sponsored the event. Representatives of eight firms that are decisive for the Thai export are among the members of the delegation. The participants are companies from the food processing and textile industries, car manufacturers and producers of unique articles, such as china items, toys and a company that grows ornamental flowers.
That business visit shows the increased interest of Thai business to the economic development of Bulgaria and Romania. A similarly great interest towards the business meetings is expected on the part of Bulgaria as well because high quality goods at acceptable prices are being offered. In the words of Mr. Srisurin, the new EU member countries have fair business and trade opportunities and therefore Thailand is already planning another business delegation.

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