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TEXIMBANK offers two new products to its clients - business preferential deposit and premium deposit. For the ninth anniversary of its establishment the credit institution opens all types of bank accouts free of charge in November 2001. Clients could take advantage of the jubilee service in TEXIMBANK'S head office in Sofia and in its 14 branch offices all over the country.The business preferential deposit enables each client, who has deposited at the bank for at least one year more than BGL10,000 or its foreign currency equivalent, to get bank guarantees for the avialble money on that account without having to pay a fee for that. After the term of the deposit expires, the client can draw a credit, amounting to the sum on the business preferential deposit.The other new product - premium deposit - is offered to clients holding on 6-month or 1-year deposits the BGL equivalent of at least BGL500 (for natural persons) and at least BGL1,000 (for juristic persons). The client gets in advance the interest on the deposit, a premium of 0.25% on the amount on a 6-month deposit at the end of that period, and a premium of 0.50% on a 1-year deposit.TEXIMBANK celebrated its none-year presence on the Bulgarian market on November 9 with a cocktail, which was attended by representatives of the credit institution's biggest corporative clients. For their long-time joint operation and their loyalty to the bank, they were granted presents by TEXIMBANK Supervisory Board's Chairperson Marieta Naidenova.

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