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Sweden is absolutely satisfied with the development of Bulgarian pre-accession negotiations with the EU. About a month prior to the Scandinavian country's transferring the EU presidency to Belgium, Sten Ask, the Swedish Ambassador to Sofia, called a press conference to share his satisfaction with the way Bulgaria is closing certain chapters in these negotiations and is opening new ones.
He announced that in the middle of May Bulgaria has closed the Chapter Fishing' within the frames of the negotiations for harmonisation of Bulgarian legislation with the EU. Until now Bulgaria has opened 16 chapters of 31 in total, and has closed nine of them. According to him that was a very good performance, on the basis of which he made the forecast that Bulgaria might become EU member on January 1, 2007.
Naturally, the EU and Sweden, currently presiding it, are carefully monitoring the internal political developments in the country. The interest is provoked both by the country as a candidate, and by its neighbouring position to Macedonia, which causes serious concern in Brussels. As it seems rather possible Bulgaria to have a new government after June, what steps this new government should not undertake, in order to keep the pace of the negotiations with the EU?
Ambassador Ask started the answer to this question of the Banker weekly with the typical diplomatic remark that the election of Bulgarian government will be the result of the vote of the Bulgarian people and no one else. And yet, in order to keep the pace of the pre-accession negotiations, the next government should not delay the reforms which have already been started, it should work for even more thourough implementation of market economy principles, it should persistently fight against corruption and buraucracy and to put additional effort in improving the status of the Roma minority in Bulgaria.
This is my advice to the people who will govern Bulgaria after the parliamentary elections in June, added Sten Ask.

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