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The Commission for the Protection of Competition (CPC) issued its first media sanction after it was headed by the former chairman of the Privatisation Agency's Supervisory Board Petko Nikolov. It showed that the institutions continues its timid struggle with the ads games, flooding the electronic space. CPC fined Sony Bulgaria EOOD to pay BGN10,000 for unfair competition. The lawsuit against the Bulgarian representation of the Japanese company was initiated in June 2003 when Sony advertised in the Monitor daily its promotional game called Win Some More Summer Entertainment with Sony. The terms of the game projected a prize for evryone who bought a Sony product worth BGN100-plus. CPC's experts calculated that the total value of prized reached BGN104,750 (VAT included): a Peugeot 206, 100 mobile telephones, and 20 holidays for two to the Turksih resort of Borum. By a decree, dated November 25, the CPC established that Sony Bulgaria had violated a provision of the Act on the Protection of Competition, stipulating that the value of promotional games' prizes should not exceed ten-fold the price of the offered commodity or five-fold the size of the wage floor in the country for the respective period. Sony's game is an instance of unfair competition in trade practice, because it creates conditions for unfair attraction of customers by offering excessive prizes as compared to the price of the product itself, the document reads. The fined company may litigate the sanction in the Supreme Administrative Court.

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