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Soft drinks consumption has increased by 11% from January to end-March. In practice, this means that Bulgarian people have drunk 32 million litres more than they did in the same period of 2007. Light drinks registered an 18% growth in consumption.
Consumption of non-fizzy drinks with low fruit content that are dissolved and diluted has increased by 6 per cent. Demand for fruit juices and nectars is almost 3 million litres more than in 2007 (17% up) and is mainly due to drinks produced in Bulgaria.
Ice tea as well as energy and sports drinks performed best in the period. Their consumption has grown by 34% and 26% respectively for the first quarter. They hold the smallest share of the market, but perform most dynamically.
Research done for the first quarter of the year makes it reasonable to predict that consumption of soft drinks will reach 1,820 million litres at year-end, or 240 litres per capita.

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