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Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridsky lacks money to complete the construction of three of its buildings, bugun almost two decades ago. At the same time, the halls for lectures in the university are not sufficient. If the buildings are not roofed over within two or three years, they will begin to collapse and there is a danger to being looted by scrap dealers and traders in second-hand construction materials, the university rector Prof. Boyan Biolchev told the BANKER weekly.One of the buildings, intended for the faculty of journalism, is located in Tsarigradsko Shausse boulevard, at the road fork to the airport. USD10MN is needed for the 6-storey building. The other unfinished construction is meant for the faculty of mathematics and informatics in James Baucher boulevard. Only the metal construction of the building has been errected since the first sod in 1988. USD2MN is necessary for its completion. The third construction site, near the same boulevard, is intended for the faculty of geology and geography. However, only earthwork has been been done on it. All three construction sites were frozen in 1991. Since then the Ministry of Education and Science has not allocated a single lev for their completion. A few days ago Prof. Biolchev formed a special department, called University Estates, entrusted with the task of seeking business partners for completing the construction of the three buildings.The agreement with the contractors will be for joint operation and the university will let them use some of the new premises, Prof. Biolchev specified. He told the BANKER weekly that he intended to initiate lawsuits against the Union of Bulgarian Artists and the Bulgarian Democratic Youth Union, which occupy the building at No 6 Shipka street and in the Students Home, both of which are owned by St. Kliment Ohridsky. The buildings were restored to the Sofia University in 1991 by decrees of the Council of Ministers. However, both of them have been rented to companies and St. Kliment Ohridsky neither gets any money, nor uses them.

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