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Sofia Needs Ten Years to Open Waste Processing Plant 2015

The year 2015 will be historic for Sofia. After a decade of promises, expectations and delays the capital will finally launch the already achieved a mythical status waste treatment plant. The story of the plant for Sofia garbage already resembles the story of the false shepherd. In intervals of few months someone used to promise that there would be a plant but the lawn in the area Sadinata remained as empty as before.

For the ones who have forgotten, in April 2005 then Mayor Stefan Sofianski said that in a few months the procedure to build a plant for municipal waste was expected to start. This, of course, did not happen Sofianski has long been gone and no wonder he himself has already forgotten those glorious times. In November the same year, the newly elected mayor Boyko Borissov boast that his first job in the new office would be to ask experts in the metropolitan administration to create the ideal model for the construction, technology and funding of the future treatment plant dirt. What the achievements of the officials were we did not understand, but Borissov was clear that at the end of his term (November 2007) the waste problem would be solved. The end of his term in office came, but then during the election campaign he was already of slightly different opinion: "In two or three years Sofia will have its processing plant for waste. The feasibility studies have been carried out and now we are going confidently to the construction of the facility. It should be ready as late as 2011." Then, in 2008, the new Mayor postponed the official opening for 2012, but then no one seemed to believe him. To re-ignite the hopes and gain points before the parliamentary vote, in April 2009 Boyko Borissov turned the first sod for the construction of the future enterprise. After the election, however, the show with the spades and shovels was quickly forgotten and in 2010, in his capacity as prime minister, he said: "Plant for trash? This can happen when EU grants money." Well, the money (about 200 million levs) came just before the end of 2012 and, then, two months later Borissov give up power after violent protests. And the project remained in the middle of nowhere.
In practice, the construction of a waste treatment plant began in May this year. The contractor - Greek union Actor - Helektor committed itself to complete the facility for a period of 15 months, which brings the deadline to the autumn of 2015. "If there are further delays, the penalties for the companies will be quite serious," days ago warned Mayor Yordanka Fandakova, so this time it seems the term is final. And then when the facility is opened, Sofia will have the largest treatment plant in Eastern Europe. The factory will process 410,000 tonnes of waste per year, which represents 40 trucks per hour.

The facility will produce RDF fuel from the garbage, which can be used both by the cement plants in the country and the Sofia Heating Company. This way a third of local residents will be able to keep warm in winter because of the waste that they generate themselves. In addition to fuel the Sofia garbage will be converted also into compost, which will produce different recyclable materials. Only about 5% of all garbage will be disposed in the landfill.

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