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An International Conference of Wholesale Markets under the patronage of Sofia Mayor Stefan Sofiansky was opened on October 2 at the Hrankov hotel in the capital city. The event was attended by 35 delegates from 27 countries who discussed the most morbid problems of Central and Eastern European countries, such as unfair competition, recycling of wastes, connections between wholesale and retail markets, opportunities for financing in that and other spheres, etc.The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry will not only support the construction of facilities for wholesale trade, but will also participate by ensuring and guaranteeing loans from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Agriculture Minister Mehmed Dikme said. Germany has so far granted EUR10MN for the establishment of wholesale markets in Bulgaria. Funds for setting up such facilities have been projected under the SAPARD programme as well. Preparations for the establishment of several wholesale markets - in Bourgas, Varna, Pleven and Pazardjik - are presently going on. On October 4, when the conference ended, the renewed wholesale market Slatina-Bulgarplod EAD was opened. Investments for the introduction of its new capacities amounted to USD3.6MN.

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